Software Testing World Cup 2016

Form a Team of Software Testers and Become the World’s Greatest in Software Testing

Who Are the Best Software Testers in the World?

Build your own Team of Software Testers and Become the World’s Greatest of Software Testing Craftsmanship

The Software Testing World Cup (STWC) is a tournament for all testing practitioners around the globe to show off their skills and compete with other international testing professionals. It brings the testing craft into the spotlight and gives the profession a competitive event on a global scale.

Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing! Vince Lombardi (NFL Hall of Fame Football Coach)

Worldwide more than 2.000 software testers organized in 500 teams were registered for the 2014 Software Testing World Cup and the 1st Software Testing World Champion in History is coming from Brazil. Click on the button below to learn more about the previous edition.

STWC 2014

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The Road to Victory

The Software Testing World Cup is split into two parts: the continental preliminary/qualifying rounds and the world cup finals planned during Europe’s greatest Agile event of the year, the Agile Testing Days 2016. The winning team from each continent will be invited to the finals

The continental rounds are done locally and online, except for the European round. Parallel to the European preliminary online round we will run a physically round live at Agile Testing Days 2015 – which will be officially declared as European Testing Championship. The online and the physical round will run by the same time, but will be rated and judged separately. Each team, which is able to join us live in Potsdam on November 9th, will have the chance to win the European Software Testing Championship. Each team who shows up for the live competition and registers for the Agile Testing Days 2015 can apply for the ATD-Ticket group discount. Please register at and use your team name as discount code. The best team from the European Championship will be invited as Wild Card Team to the STWC 2016 finals.

  Competition Rules

The final round is done physically and will be supported with online and offline media presence (live streaming, audience, stage, etc.). It will be one of the social highlights at the Agile Testing Days 2016, followed by an award ceremony during the popular MIATPP Award Night.

Participants have to form teams of up to 4 members. Company teams are allowed; if applicable, multiple company teams can register.

Teams can register for the continent where the majority of the team members are residing. In case you have an equal mix, you can pick any continent one of your team members lives on.

Per team registration fee of 40,00 € (net, and not refundable) comes due and can be paid directly via PayPal.

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STWC Prizes

Preliminary Prizes for the Continental Winners

  • Each winning team is qualified for the STWC Finals in 2016 in Germany
  • Each team member of the winning teams receives a free 3-day ticket to the Agile Testing Days
  • Continental winners will receive sponsored airplane tickets
  • VIP shuttle from the airport to the hotel
  • We sponsor 2 nights per person at the Dorint Hotel Sanssouci
  • All winners receive a “STWC Continental Award”

Prizes for the European Champions 2015

  • Team is qualified for the STWC Finals in 2016 in Germany
  • Each team member receives a free 3-day ticket to the Agile Testing Days 2016
  • All team members will get their travel costs reimbursed
  • VIP shuttle from the airport to the hotel
  • We sponsor 2 nights per person at the Dorint Hotel Sanssouci
  • The team receives a “European Testing Champion Award”

Prizes for the STWC Finals 2016 Winners

1st Prize:
2nd Prize:
3rd Prize:

The STWC Judges

The jury will decide on the submissions and the points gained during the competition. The scoring criteria will be used for all rounds and will take different aspects into consideration, e.g. best bug report, best test report, and most valuable bug. The judges will choose software that the participating teams will have to test and that will only be announced on the start of the chosen competition time.

There will be one time slot of approximately 3 hours to test the SUT. There will be a customer proxy available online to ask questions. There might be an additional time slot for non-functional criteria. Additionally local juries and leaders from the professional software testing community have been selected to support the continental competitions as judges. The local judges will be supported by the global judges to keep a consistent and fair scoring on a global scale.

How to become a STWC judge?

Download our judge role portfolio and check out which kind of role you want apply to apply for.

  Download STWC Judge Portfolio [PDF] 

Please send us an e-mail to and let us know which judge role you want to apply for and why do you want to join us as a judge. Don’t forget to send us your short bio and a picture of you. We will come back to you as soon as possible.