Support the STWC with your Team Registration

Organizing such kind of a complex event costs a lot of money. Lots of people are involved in this project and next to them the hotel costs, flight costs and prize money for the finalist are one of the major expenses.

Unluckily in 2016 we don’t have such a big sponsor like we had with HP, iSQI and Zalando back in 2014. So we needed to decide for an alternative to get enough money to keep the STWC going.

We decided for a 40 € team registration fee to compensate some of the costs, José Díaz and his Company Díaz & Hilterscheid stands in to cover any other expenses which couldn’t be covered by the team fees. But this fee is not only making the finals possible with this fee we also avoid any fake registrations. The amount of the teams for the preleminaries is limited. Last year we had some teams, who registered, but didn’t played and so they stole others the chance to play.

If you are not interested in to play, but you like our vision and you are a passionate tester or passionate supporter of the software testing craftsmanship – then you are invited to help with any kind of donation. We are happy to create a donation list of all our supporters & sponsors.

If you want to donate something just send an e-mail to Uwe Gelfert (

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