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Team “Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters” Complete Team Ranking

  • Photo of Rob van Steenbergen

    Flag of Netherlands

    Rob van Steenbergen

    Freelance Tester at Chickenwings Test Consultancy

    More about Rob

    About Rob

    Location: Lelystad, Netherlands

    Age: 44

    Hobbies: Movies, music and testing

    Biography: "His experience and knowledge in testing are as a hands-on tester, test coordinator, team leader, test manager, test consultant and coach. He worked in banking, consumer products companies, tested embedded software, worked in big government organizations, done infrastructure testing and currently is working in the field of logistics. Next to the daily work, Rob writes a blog and also writes articles for test and IT magazines. In 2013 Rob helped with the Dutch book: “101 tips for testers”. He wrote a free e-book: “Promoting testing in your organization”. Rob is the chief editor of a Dutch testing magazine “TestNetNieuws”, which is the magazine for the Dutch test organization “TestNet”"

  • Photo of Klaas Durk Toonen

    Flag of Netherlands

    Klaas Durk Toonen

    Freelance Tester at blueMorpho

    More about Klaas

    About Klaas

    Location: Beilen, Netherlands

    Age: 35

    Hobbies: Games, cycling

    Biography: Klaas Durk Toonen is a lifelong tester. His childhood nickname was "Toonen Demolition Co.". He was taking things apart systematically using screwdrivers and (sometimes) rebuilding them. After finishing his studies at the International Business School of Groningen and Universidad Complutense de Madrid he became a developer/tester/sys-admin for a couple of years. This resulted in a fulltime testing career as from 2007 running a one man business.

  • Photo of Gerard van de Weerd

    Flag of Netherlands

    Gerard van de Weerd

    Freelance Software Engineer at Prins Software Development

    More about Gerard

    About Gerard

    Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

    Age: 43

    Hobbies: Games and movies

    Biography: Gerard van de Weerd bought his first computer when he was 11, and by the time he was 12, he was hooked. He studied computer science at the Technical University in Delft, specializing in logics and software engineering. After that, software development became his (working) life. He thinks before he designs, designs before he codes, codes before he tests, he tests before he delivers :) It is his believe that software testing is an implicit, indispensable and essential part of software development. And a developer who is not able to really test, is a bad developer.

  • Photo of Pascal Dufour

    Flag of Netherlands

    Pascal Dufour

    Agile Test Consultant at Agilix

    More about Pascal

    About Pascal

    Location: Zwolle, Netherlands

    Age: 41

    Hobbies: Music, Mountianbike. Hardware and software hacking

    Biography: Pascal Dufour is a passionate tester and Scrum coach at Validate-it. Pascal has a passion for Agile projects where he tries to implement pragmatic test strategies combining Agile and context-driven testing. With over ten years of experience at small and large international companies. Enthusiastic and creative, he tries to make testing more fun, making his work visual and as simple as possible. He helps team members improve their efforts in Scrum emphasising ethics, commitment, and transparency. He believes teams should learn, try, experiment and work together to create solutions that solves problems.

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Team “Bugterrier” Complete Team Ranking

  • Photo of Alexander Naumov

    Flag of Russia

    Alexander Naumov

    Principal Software Test Engineer at Harman

    More about Alexander

    About Alexander

    Location: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

    Age: 34

    Biography: Alexander has joined software testing industry more than thirteen years ago being a forth-year student of the faculty of Information systems and technologies of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University. He never imagined to become a tester and was about to start the career of a designer in a local magazine, but changed his mind in favor of Telma — the major IT company in the city that time. It was right decision which changed his life.

    “Testing is a creative job, even though there are a lot of formal practices, and that is why I love it“, — he says.

    Alexander has vast experience in functional testing and test automation for mobile and desktop platforms, he loves interesting and challenging tasks. Yet there are just a few things in the world that he is not interested in, his main hobbies are: books, design, music and football. In 2014 and 2015 he played as a goalkeeper in Harman futsal team. Alexander is also the author of Bugterrier team brand, logo and visual identity.

  • Photo of Elena Mordvinova

    Flag of Russia

    Elena Mordvinova

    Project Manager at Harman

    More about Elena

    About Elena

    Location: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

    Age: 34

    Biography: Elena joined the team in 2015 right before the European Qualification round after Maxim Sonyagin had decided to leave. She graduated in Computer Science from Nizhny Novgorod Technical University in 2006 and has over nine years of experience in software testing.

    “My professional credo is passionate believing in what you do, never give up and stay true to your values”,“, — she says.

    In her spare time Elena is fond of drawing and dancing.

  • Photo of Evgeniy Shcherbakov

    Flag of Russia

    Evgeniy Shcherbakov

    Principal Software Test Engineer at Harman

    More about Evgeniy

    About Evgeniy

    Location: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

    Age: 34

    Biography: It was school where Evgeniy learned about IT for the first time — he spent a lot of time programming in BASIC. In parallel he was overwhelmed with radio technology — and his first do-it-yourself item was an HF receiver. While at school Evgeniy decided to get a university degree at the IT faculty of Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University. He specialized in Design and technology of Radio Electronics. At that time he found an interest in finding system vulnerabilities rather than coding.

    In 2004 Evgeniy joined Telma Company as a testing engineer. Those 12 years was a tough but exciting development path. He participated in outsource projects of the most reputed global companies and mainly masters in manual testing of mobile platforms and applications.

    Now Evgeniy has become a jedi of testing, bugs have no chances to escape when he is in action. Just recently we celebrated his 1000th bug record on the project.

  • Photo of Tatiana Polyanina

    Flag of Russia

    Tatiana Polyanina

    Senior Project Manager at Harman

    More about Tatiana

    About Tatiana

    Location: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

    Age: 36

    Biography: Tatiana graduated in Networks and Commutation Systems at Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University in 2002. In 2003 had joined Telma company (Harman now) and used to work for Motorola, RIM Blackberry, Eniro, LGE, Sirius XM and Anritsu as a test engineer/manager. Has over 12+ years of experience working with Software Testing and Requirements Management.

    She is a true “bugterrier” — it is amazing to see how focused on the job she is, and her flair of finding bugs is almost supernatural. It was Tatiana who scored the most defect records among our team during the European Qualification round.

    Her hobbies are: cooking (yes, the whole team adores the sweets she traditionally cooks for parties), reading, scrapbooking, window gardening

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Team “One Day Testing” Complete Team Ranking

  • Photo of Eduardo Zanoni Marques

    Flag of Brazil

    Eduardo Zanoni Marques

    COO at Sofist

    More about Eduardo

    About Eduardo

    Location: Campinas, São Paulo

    Age: 31

    Hobbies: reading, listening to music and swimming

    Biography: I am from Rancho Alegre, a small town in Brazil. I graduated in Computer Science at the State University of Londrina and got my Master's Degree at the State University of Campinas. My first and only job is at Sofist, a Software Testing Enterprise located in Campinas where I initially was a programmer and now I am COO, working with all kinds of test projects. I love programming and testing. Moreover, I've been married for an year and my hobbies are reading, listening to music and swimming.

  • Photo of Bruno Teixeira de Abreu

    Flag of Brazil

    Bruno Teixeira de Abreu

    CTO at Sofist

    More about Bruno

    About Bruno

    Location: Campinas, São Paulo

    Age: 33

    Hobbies: barbecue with friends and lots of beer :-)

    Biography: Hi everybody, I'm the co-founder and CTO of Sofist, a Brazilian company specialized in software testing that is headquartered in Campinas, São Paulo. I really enjoy making things faster and better than usual and I truly believe we can defeat the famous "I don't have enough time" enemy in software testing. I have a wonderful wife and a fantastic family. I do love drinking beer with friends specially while doing a Brazilian barbecue at my home.

  • Photo of Jeniffer Vieira de Deus

    Flag of Brazil

    Jeniffer Vieira de Deus

    Test Specialist at Sofist

    More about Jeniffer

    About Jeniffer

    Location: São Paulo, São Paulo

    Age: 29

    Hobbies: beer, books, series, Pilates, more beer!

    Biography: Hi, there! I am 29 year old bright, sincere and communicative girl from a country town named "Bauru" - it is also the name of a tasty sandwich! Today, I live in São Paulo with my dear husband, Rapha. I have been working at OneDayTesting for three and a half years, doing something fulfilling for me: improving several different softwares, one bug at a time! What really makes me happy is being around the people I love.

  • Photo of Fábio de Brito Scarpi

    Flag of Brazil

    Fábio de Brito Scarpin

    Test Analyst at Sofist

    More about Fábio

    About Fábio

    Location: Campinas, São Paulo

    Age: 27

    Hobbies: Listening to music, practice physical exercises and eat pasta

    Biography: I was born in an Italian family from São Paulo. I lived for many years in Bauru, where I graduated in Information Systems at the State University of São Paulo. Today, I am doing a Specialization in Project Management at Senac University. I've been working with IT for 7 years and, before that, I worked with mechanical machinery. I've been working with tests over the last 5 years and during this period I've passed through various experiences, but with a greater focus on functional tests. On this journey, I got the CTFL and CTAL certifications.

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Team “RT Pest Control” Complete Team Ranking

  • Photo of Alex Abbott

    Flag of USA

    Alex Abbott

    Software Development Engineer in Test at ReadyTalk

    More about Alex

    About Alex

    Location: Edgewater, Colorado

    Age: 39

    Hobbies: Snowboarding, camping, hiking, skydiving, gardening and spending time with family and friends

    Biography: I didn’t start out in Software, but I have always had an urge to understand the systems that are related to the things I enjoy. One of my very first jobs was packing parachutes at a small drop zone in Oklahoma. I loved to learn about the parachute systems and the intricacies of how they worked and how to understand their points of failure; obviously crucial for safely packing a parachute for a student skydiver.

    Later in life; through a passion of video games, I ended up studying game software development with the intent of going after a development gig. After spending some time play testing and building mods, I realized software testing is a natural fit for me and the rest is history. I have been at ReadyTalk for nearly 8 years and now work in our Downtown Denver office. I am currently focusing on Application Operations and Automation using methodologies like Kanban, Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

  • Photo of Nick Bitzer

    Flag of USA

    Nick Bitzer

    DevOps Engineer at ReadyTalk

    More about Nick

    About Nick

    Location: Broomfield, Colorado

    Age: 29

    Hobbies: Basically any outdoor activity, programming, hanging out with my friends, learning new things, and traveling the world.

    Biography: I became interested in computers late in my high school years when I started building gaming PCs for friends. Then, just after graduating high school, I got an internship at a storage technology company called LSI. That opened my eyes to the vast world of computer software, and more importantly it showed me just how powerful software could be. It wasn’t long before I started programming and incorporating that into my daily life at LSI, automating only menial tasks at first, and growing from there. 10 years later I’m still having a blast writing code and testing software!

  • Photo of Samantha Yacobucci

    Flag of USA

    Samantha Yacobucci

    Lead QA Engineer at Notion

    More about Samantha

    About Samantha

    Location: Lakewood, Colorado

    Age: 35

    Biography: I do not have a formal background in QA or computer science, but managed to 'fall into it'. I found that I get to be both creative and technical. I got my start in testing over a decade ago here in Colorado, and have worked for various companies, large and small. I am excited to start my new role as lead QA, where I will be building a team to tackle the issues in the IoT space.

  • Photo of Zala Habibi

    Flag of USA

    Zala Habibi

    Lead QA Engineer at ReadyTalk

    More about Zala

    About Zala

    Location: Englewood, Colorado

    Age: 41

    Hobbies: Gardening, homebrewing, camping, hiking, playing poker, hockey fan.

    Biography: I have worked as a tester for various software companies for the past 18 years. I enjoy taking on the role of a customer and discovering defects before releasing them to production. I enjoy working in this industry because you meet interesting and smart people. I have worked at ReadyTalk for the last three and half years and lived in the Denver area for the past four years. I enjoy the Colorado climate and lifestyle.

Team “IQLab Technomaniacs” Complete Team Ranking

  • Photo of Nivrithi Odit

    Flag of South Africa

    Nivrithi Odit

    Software Quality Engineering Specialist at Derivco

    More about Nivrithi

    About Nivrithi

    Location: Durban, South Africa

    Age: 28

    Hobbies: Dancing (Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa), Attending Music festivals, swimming, yoga, Poetry, all things travel related, Experimenting with Veggies, Learning new things about how people live around the world

    Biography: Life is too short to hate your job! This is why I pursued a career in testing! Almost 8 years later and I still get excited when I find a bug. I believe in doing things that add value to my life, help me grow and make me happy. Part of this is continuous studying. I have my honors in Business Information systems, MCITP SQL 2008, Certified Agile tester, ISEB Intermediate and I am currently learning Security+ and CSTP courses. I live by the motto, “Work hard, Play harder!” Dancing and exploring the world are my 2 main passions. I am a music enthusiast, I love helping animals and doing fun things that get me out of my comfort zone.

  • Photo of Osman Vallee

    Flag of South Africa

    Osman Vallee

    Software Quality Engineer at Derivco

    More about Osman

    About Osman

    Location: Durban, South Africa

    Age: 31

    Hobbies: Foobtall, Cricket, Simulation Racing, Gaming, Home and Media Automation

    Biography: I graduated from the University of South Africa with a Degree in Bachelor of Commerce Informatics.

    In 2008, my journey had started with my first IT Related Job as a Quality Analyst at Derivco - IQ Lab. Over the course of my career I have worked in multiple areas of Software Testing such as Functional Testing, Non Functional Testing, Automation and Quality Control. At the same time I had racked up invaluable experience and multiple certifications with organisations such as ISTQB, IIST, and Microsoft. I can positively say that Software Testing runs through my veins.

    In my personal capacity, I spend the majority of my time with family and friends. My recreational activities involve being an active member of a South African Sim Racing Community, and one of my goals and passions is to someday physically race around the Nordschleife - Nürburgring.

  • Photo of Sandeep Singh

    Flag of South Africa

    Sandeep Singh

    Software Quality Engineering Specialist at Derivco

    More about Sandeep

    About Sandeep

    Location: Durban, South Africa

    Age: 31

    Hobbies: Running, travel

    Biography: I graduated in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2006.

    Just after graduating I started working at Derivco as a Test Analyst. I eventually developed a passion for software performance testing, and have continued to grow my skills in this area, working mainly with database and web service performance testing. I’ve acquired many certifications during my career including ISEB-Advanced, SQL 2012, CSTP-M, Load Runner and Security+.

    Outside of work, I enjoy road, trail and cross country running, and spending time with my family and friends. I also love travel, both local and international, and have visited over 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

  • Photo of Kureshan Pather

    Flag of South Africa

    Kureshan Pather

    Software Quality Engineering Specialist at Derivco

    More about Kureshan

    About Kureshan

    Location: Durban, South Africa

    Age: 30

    Hobbies: Cooking native cuisine from around the world as authentically as possible, all things DIY, travelling, writing, anything outdoorsy and competitive, enjoy keeping up to date with progress in the fields of neuroscience and anthropology.

    Biography: Having graduated in Electrical Engineering: Computer Systems, you would think that testing wouldn’t be the place I choose to permanently call my home, but it is. There’s a certain nuance and depth that lies below the surface that speaks to me, and it is very satisfying as a career. Over the last 8 years my job role has changed from my first days as I.T support, to various forms of testing at all levels, and now to test management, overseeing the processes and people that have shaped my career. It’s still as exciting and fulfilling as the day I started, driving me to give back to the industry and the system, both professionally and socially, pushing a healthy work/life/study balance for everyone under my watch.

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Team “Mentor Graphics” Complete Team Ranking

  • Photo of Anna Lucovsky

    Flag of Israel

    Anna Lucovsky

    QA and Automation Manager at Mentor Graphics

    More about Anna

    About Anna

    Location: Ganne Tikwa, Israel

    Age: 42

    Hobbies: learning languages (programming and natural), opera, art history, psychology

    Biography: A fresh university graduate in 1996, Anna came across a localization tester’s job. She felt testing was her path to follow ever since. During the last 20 years, Anna managed many QA teams as large as 30 engineers, who tested products for different industries: banking, electronics, 3D graphics (CAD’s). She built testing teams from scratch, implemented automation and optimized teams’ performance. A seasoned manager, Anna believes that maintaining the ability to be hands-on is a crucial value of any QA leader, so she regularly codes and tests herself. In 2008, Anna joined Mentor Graphics. She is QA and Automation manager working in Agile environment and developing automated tests for one of the company’s integrated product lines. She holds a BA degree in Linguistics and the Executive MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • Photo of Gal Varon

    Flag of Israel

    Gal Varon

    Test Automation Engineer at Mentor Graphics

    More about Gal

    About Gal

    Location: Holon, Israel

    Age: 27

    Hobbies: robotics, programming, guitar, science and philosophy

    Biography: Gal is an automated tests developer at Mentor Graphics and is about to finish his Computer Science degree at Bar-Ilan University. Gal was always passionate about coding. At the age of 12 he got his first coding book and been at it ever since. Two years ago he found his way to automated testing. During these two years he learned the complex and important art of testing. Gal knew that his programming background would help him in being a good tester. And, surprisingly, he found that becoming a tester also made him a better programmer.

  • Photo of Alexander Weitz

    Flag of Israel

    Alexander Weitz

    Software Configuration Manager at Mentor Graphics

    More about Alexander

    About Alexander

    Location: Ashdod, Israel

    Age: 26

    Hobbies: practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, watching MMA, playing chess, listening to music and learning new stuff.

    Biography: Alex started at Mentor Graphics in 2015 as a Configuration Manager/DevOps having previously worked at HP as Indigo machines test technician. He is responsible for continuous integration with AnthillPro– configuration of automatic builds, tests and other tasks using plugins and scripts. He also develops automation tests for Mentor Graphics installers. Apart from that, Alex likes doing a great variety of stuff. He’s learning web development at home and loving the Ruby language. Alex also plays chess and tries to learn Spanish. He likes all kinds of different sports, specifically BJJ and MMA. Alex is a Computer Science student at The Open University of Israel. Alex is a Vegan and can cook great dishes without meat, dairy and egg products. He’s a fan of Ethiopian food.

  • Photo of Vladimir Soshenko

    Flag of Israel

    Vladimir Soshenko

    Software Quality Engineer at Mentor Graphics

    More about Vladimir

    About Vladimir

    Location: Ashdod, Israel

    Age: 30

    Hobbies: reading, listening to music and video gaming

    Biography: Vladimir started his career in information technology six years ago. While working in IT, he always tried to make his work easier by developing programs that controlled various devices, from computers to entire college classes in The Shamoon College of Engineering where he was working. Vladimir joined Mentor Graphics two years ago first as an IT guy and then as a QA Engineer in an Agile team. Vladimir is responsible for all tests covering one of the division critical products. He has a knack for finding numerous issues in any software he comes across. He is about to earn his BSc in Industrial Engineering from The Shamoon College of Engineering.

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Team “Quest Aotearoa” Complete Team Ranking

  • Photo of Khen Wong

    Flag of New Zealand

    Khen Wong

    Test Analyst/Test Lead at Datacom Systems

    More about Khen

    About Khen

    Location: Wellington, New Zealand

    Age: 32

    Hobbies: Computer Gaming

    Biography: Currently a Technical/Automation Tester at Datacom Systems. Been in the testing industry for 5 years, prior to that, a Data Analyst. Moved to the end of earth or land of the hobbits 15 years ago and been here ever since.

  • Photo of Sadhna Narayan

    Flag of New Zealand

    Sadhna Narayan

    Senior Test Analyst at Datacom Systems

    More about Sadhna

    About Sadhna

    Location: Wellington, New Zealand

    Hobbies: Yoga, Cooking, Dancing, Meeting girl friends for coffee/lunch,

    Biography: Currently a Senior Test Analyst having worked across a variety of testing projects over a range of domains like Government, Insurance, Banking in Functional and Automation Testing. I have been in the testing industry for the last 6 years, prior to that worked as an Information/Analyst in BAU support role.

  • Photo of Kirtish Karlekar

    Flag of New Zealand

    Kirtish Karlekar

    Test Lead at Datacom Systems

    More about Kirtish

    About Kirtish

    Location: Wellington, New Zealand

    Age: 42

    Hobbies: Gardening

    Biography: Currently a Test Analyst/Test Lead at Datacom Systems and has been with the organization for 4 years. Been in the testing industry for more than 7 years and have worked across a varied domain from software to semiconductor. In the past, I have as well worked as a Crystal Report writer and RTL designer. Moved to this coolest little capital 8 years ago and has been here ever since.

  • Photo of Mike Talks

    Flag of New Zealand

    Mike Talks

    Test Manager at Datacom Systems

    More about Mike

    About Mike

    Location: Wainuiomata, Aotearoa

    Age: 45

    Hobbies: Writing, writing, writing

    Biography: Mike has been in the IT industry for two decades, and has been lucky to be exposed to a number of different scales of projects across military, finance and government sectors. He currently specializes in testing identity solutions.

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