Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a registration fee to participate in the world cup?

Yes. The team fee is 40 Euro, non-refundable. It needs to be payed at registration. Each continental round has limited slots for teams. We decided for a team fee to reduce the “no-shows” which block slots for teams, who want to play. This fee also helps cover the costs of the STWC event (winner prizes, etc.).

How many teams can I co-opt myself into?

You can be part of only one team during the preliminary rounds, but it is possible to join a different team for the finals.

How many team members can a team consist of?

A team must have between 1 and 4 members.

Must all team members come from the same continent?

No, teams can register for the continent where the majority of the team members are residing. If you have an equal mix, you can pick any continent one of your team members lives on.

Will teams be able to hear the customer questions of other teams?

The idea is yes – it will depend on the technical tool capability. Teams can write questions in the chat and Matt Heusser will answer them via live stream. All teams can benefit from all answers.

Will each team have a separate (isolated) SUT environment? (It may be important in order to not share bugs and test cases through SUT objects, and it may also affect performance testing)

This will be depend on the SUT. If we choose a publicly available SUT, all teams will work on the same SUT. Teams should consider this factor.

A team can have between 1 and 4 team members. Are all teams equally scored, regardless of how many members a team has?

Yes. If the judges see some outstanding work and deliverables done by a single person or a small team, we might give bonus points, but that would be a rare occasion.

The challenge won’t include cross-browser testing as far as I understand. What will be the browser to use within challenge?

That is up to the team, as well as all other aspects of the testing approach.

Are you going to give us a template to report bugs or test cases?

This has not been decided yet; we lean towards not forcing a template to be used.

What kind of test must we do? Functional? Performance? Security? Other -ilities?

Some restrictions will be decided by the SUT owner; e.g. if the SUT is a public software, load/stress testing and security attacks (DOS, DDOS, etc.) might be forbidden, since it will be a live system.

Otherwise it is up to the teams to decide. The judges don’t restrict any kind of testing.

Is registration of teams limited per continent?

Yes, there will be a limit of 250 teams per continent. If this number is reached, all following registrations are automatically added to the continent's waiting list. Teams on the waiting list will be notified at the latest two weeks before the preliminary rounds whether they can enter the contest.

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